• Get through captive breeding products (leather) and sub-products (meat) of high quality to supply the domestic and foreign markets (export) without affecting the survival of the species in the wild and aim to achieve an increase in the wild population by restocking of range. Contribute to scientific knowledge of the species Caiman Latirostris in its range.
    Help design effective mechanisms to control poaching in conjunction with national and provincial authorities. Generate a source of income for impoverished rural interior of Formosa.

  • Provide the market of manufacturers alligator leather goods, raw materials of high quality and ensure continuity of supply regardless of any regulations and prohibitions that govern on wild animal products.

    In addition to assure buyers that the product comes from regulated activities within the National Wildlife Law, which ensures transparency and legality of the trade.

  • The founders of this venture, Caimanes de Formosa been working in the business of reptile leather for over 30 years.
    This experience enables them to meet the market with a high quality product.
    According to the law of breeding of Argentina, in 2002 the members decided to invest in the province of Formosa to establish a farm on an industrial scale for the two species indige-ketones in northern Argentina:

    • Caiman latirostris, known as Broad-snouted.
    • Cayman Crocodilus Yacare, commonly known as black caiman.


Caimanes de Formosa is a company that farmed alligators in Argentina.
Our establishment is approved by the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species on Wild Fauna and Flora).
We produce and sell alligator leather with a sophisticated dyeing and toast process.

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